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How Access Mobility use DeviceAtlas Cloud for their mobile applications

Case Studies



Access Mobility’s mobile healthcare brand, Cellepathic RX creates mobile applications for the healthcare sector that help their customers ensure medication adherence, run wellness programs and clinical trials. Cellepathic’s content is delivered as native applications across the main smartphone platforms.

Use Case

Access Mobility use DeviceAtlas to identify which device is requesting content from an app so that the correct content can be sent to the device. The use cases vary from targeting appropriate content per device to adapting content depending on the capabilities of the device.

Ted Schmied, Program Manager at Access Mobility Inc, comments:

One common use case for us is a mapping and location feature that allows customers of a pharmacy find the location of a store. We often need to know whether we can serve a static or dynamic representation location for a particular device. DeviceAtlas helps us identify what a particular device can support.

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