"The main value DeviceAtlas has brought is taking away the task of maintaining a device library internally and bringing a much more accurate solution and in doing so, this has helped us improve our marketing campaigns and get deeper insight on device analytics".
German Gomez-Herrero, Chief Technology Officer at FindHotel




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Headquarters:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Industry:Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Specialties:Travel Price Comparison, Hotel Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Data Analysis


FindHotel, based in Amsterdam, is a travel search engine operator showcasing the best hotel deals worldwide from hundreds of different travel sites. They currently serve over 4 million visitors a month, with customers from 158 countries finding hotel deals on site. In 2017, over 300,000 bookings were made on

FindHotel’s core mission is to build the world’s best metasearch model, distributing price comparison offers to millions of visitors across the world, backed by automated performance marketing and an iterative data-driven approach to development, delivered to a global audience of 100+ markets, across all devices and languages. As their CEO Oz Har Adir described, “we are building a company that can scale with the goal of designing a new product category: a hotel booking marketplace, which is somewhere between what an online travel agency (, and the traditional metasearch offers (Trivago, Hotelscombined). find-hotel

To find out more about how they use DeviceAtlas, we spoke with German Gomez-Herrero, Chief Technology Officer at FindHotel.


As technology continues to accelerate, the emergence of mobile booking channels have become increasingly important to the travel industry. According to Criteo’s Travel Flash report , mobile accounts for 45% of bookings for Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) alone. In an industry characterized by stiff competition and plenty of market players such as OTAs, metasearch companies, and direct suppliers like hotels and airlines, small optimizations made to websites can result in a relatively large lift in website ROI.

In this dynamic landscape, FindHotel required a more effective way to determine what mobile devices were accessing their website. At the time they were using their own method of identifying devices which involved maintaining a library of open-source user-agent (UA) strings, which are alphanumeric strings that identify the device making a request to a web server for an asset such as a document, image or web page. The main issue with this was these libraries were not fully accurate and needed continuous updates for any new devices that came to market which made for a resource-intensive process.


In seeking a more accurate device detection solution that would work reliably in the background without any maintenance costs, FindHotel approached DeviceAtlas and quickly saw the added value it would bring. DeviceAtlas reliably tracks 180 device properties for 50,000+ devices which meant FindHotel could outsource their device detection capability and not worry about continuously updating their own user-agent strings for devices. This helped FindHotel focus more time on product development and core engineering activities.

By using DeviceAtlas, FindHotel can get as much information as possible on devices that their visitors use to access their website. FindHotel have enriched their in-house analytics with a range of device properties such as Device Type, OS, Screen Size, Browser Name, Browser Version etc. which, combined with their Business Intelligence tools Looker and Redash, powers their analytics dashboards. This enables them to optimize their marketing campaigns and immediately get a view of what types of devices have an impact on performance metrics such as conversion rates.