Case Studies

How National Lottery uses DeviceAtlas to segment and redirect mobile traffic

Case Studies

 “DeviceAtlas provides accurate and fast device detection so that National Lottery can identify compatible handsets and redirect them to our optimized mobile web site to ensure the best consumer experience”  Ronan Leech, Marketing Development Manager, National Lottery


The National Lottery Company is licensed to operate a lottery on behalf of the Government of Ireland, providing a range of exciting and engaging lottery games and generating funds for good causes throughout Ireland.  In addition to an extensive national retail network, the National Lottery offers its games, under a pilot scheme, through online channels.  By 2012, the National Lottery had accumulated sales of over €12 billion.

National Lottery’s goal is to create a high quality experience for their customers over every channel and be the best-known brand in Ireland. In line with global trends, National Lottery has seen more and more of its online visitors migrate to mobile, with this migration accelerating in the last number of years, with 43% of visits now from mobile devices and that figure growing each month.


In order to best serve this fast increasing user base, the strategy for mobile was to focus on task orientated activities and develop a mobile friendly version of their website that would give quick and easy access from a mobile handset to allow customers to play draw-based games, check game results and view past activity.

National Lottery, wanted to provide its customers with a mobile experience based on the familiar, pen-and-paper task of playing the lottery, and bring it to the mobile channel in a compelling way. With a need to verify the age profile of users, National Lottery implemented user login across both its standard desktop and mobile sites. The mobile site needed to be capable of delivering these features to customers.


In conjunction with its creative agency, McCann Blue, National Lottery developed their mobile website to support a wide range of popular smartphones (such as Apple and Samsung devices in addition to other leading device brands) that have the device capabilities to take advantage of all the features of the site.  As some of the functionality requires the use of a login, not all existing mobile devices could be supported. Device capabilities such as support for cookies and Javascript are needed for these features. It is also designed with a specific screen sizes in mind. 

National Lottery implemented DeviceAtlas to identify devices which are compatible with the enhanced National Lottery mobile site. DeviceAtlas detects which handset a customer is accessing the site with in real time, and seamlessly presents the mobile optimized site to visitors whose devices are compatible with the site.

DeviceAtlas determines device compatibility by using the UserAgent string which all devices pass to the web server when a page is requested. There are multiple UserAgent strings per device and DeviceAtlas contains a record of all possible UserAgents for a particular device. DeviceAtlas is updated on a daily basis with new devices and UserAgent strings, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy for device detection.


DeviceAtlas’ high speed API ensures the identification and redirection of devices to the appropriate content in real-time. Customers do not need to enter a specific mobile website URL. In this way, National Lottery can ensure that customers get the best user experience based on their context and that the largest number of compatible devices can be served the correct site with certainty. Currently, all non-compatible devices are directed to the desktop version of the site.

National Lottery’s mobile website has been a huge success for the business and the site has garnered several awards for its innovative use of the mobile channel and the quality of the User Experience for National Lottery customers.