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Case Studies


Case Studies


"We are proud to provide a great user experience and performance based marketing on all our platforms. DeviceAtlas has been a great solution for us to improve our real-time device detection and deliver better results to our business partners."
Tigran Avanesov, Head of IT Architecture & R&D at OLAmobile




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Headquartes:Berlin, Germany
Industry:Marketing and Advertising
SpecialtiesPerformance marketing, mobile affiliate marketing, mobile traffic monetization


OLAmobile is a Marketing Technology Group specialized in user acquisition focused on CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CPI (Cost per Install) mobile performance marketing campaigns. Their platform allows more than 100,000 publishers all over the world to promote apps and mobile subscriptions with the goal of monetizing their traffic and to get the most out of their advertising spaces.

OLAmobile strives to help their advertisers promote their mobile services and grow their user database, taking full advantage of their global network of direct publishers and premium traffic sources, guaranteeing a higher profitability by achieving a much larger sales volume and user engagement.

We spoke with Tigran Avanesov, Head of IT Architecture & R&D at OLAmobile, who oversees all technical architecture aspects of OLAmobile’s platform and uses DeviceAtlas to return rich information on various device properties.

The Challenge

With new mobile devices being released every day, getting mobile ad targeting right can be a real challenge. Today, ad platforms must cater to the needs of advertisers looking to bring device targeting to their campaigns. Knowing exactly which device is requesting an ad is a business-critical aspect for ad tech companies.

One of the challenges OLAmobile faced was finding a robust and high-performance device detection solution that enabled them to ‘cluster’ and segment users based on device, to supplement targeting and analytics for their clients. In a landscape where speed and performance are key drivers for success, OLAmobile needed a high-speed performance API to enable accurate ad targeting for visiting devices.


OLAmobile chose DeviceAtlas’ locally deployed solution to gain detailed insight on device traffic going through their platform. DeviceAtlas provides consistent and up-to-date device data and real-time device identification. OLAmobile can get in-depth knowledge on requesting devices such as the device type, device model, their operating system, browser name, browser version etc. This data is also used in their reporting where it is integrated into their analytics and business intelligence data store.

By providing more granular and accurate reporting, DeviceAtlas offers more value for advertisers, as well as making sure that publishers get maximum value of their inventory.