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DeviceAtlas SpotXchange Case Study

Case Studies

"SpotXchange is the world’s leading video ad platform and thus we decided to partner with the world’s leading device detection and intelligence solution."

Tom Wozniak, Director of Marketing at SpotXchange


SpotXchange is a video advertising platform for premium publishers connecting them with advertisers, agencies, trading desks, DSPs and ad networks to ensure they achieve maximum revenue for their inventory. With more than 5 billion ad decisions per day, SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory reaching over 600 million unique visitors in more than 190 countries each month


Increasing device fragmentation has made for a new online landscape in which users can access video content on a myriad of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and smart TVs. These devices vary greatly in terms of screen sizes, network connectivity, input methods, user contexts, and user posture.
Video ad platforms, such as SpotXchange, must now cater to the needs of advertisers willing to spend their video marketing budgets on device-targeted campaigns. This requires applying fast, accurate, and constantly updated device detection solutions capable of handling billions of requests in real-time to ensure the right ads are delivered to the right audience.


Advertisers working with SpotXchange enjoy rich targeting options including demographics, behaviour, context, keywords, geographic location, and re-targeting based on consumer’s browsing history. Ad buyers are also provided with site level transparency throughout all campaigns, ensuring they know exactly what they’re buying and where it’s running.
DeviceAtlas helped SpotXchange increase these targeting options and ad traffic transparency by verifying the type of requesting device and serving the right types of ads. This also allowed the platform to provide its ad buyers and publishers with insight into device type-based campaign statistics.
SpotXchange ad server requests trigger the DeviceAtlas API which analyses the requesting browser’s HTTP headers and returns device type, such as low-end mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, game console, etc. The detections are powered by a constantly updated device database provided by DeviceAtlas’ team of data experts. On average DeviceAtlas handles some 5 billion mobile SpotXchange ad requests every day. 


Applying DeviceAtlas-powered device detection allowed SpotXchange to further increase its video ad reach by providing ad buyers and publishers with deep device understanding. Device awareness as part of targeting and campaign analysis options allowed SpotXchange partners to craft more engaging and better performing video ad campaigns.
Additionally, SpotXchange partners such as Demand Side Platforms, Agency Trading Desks, and managed services clients all benefit from the detailed enrichment of bid requests in their OpenRTB bid requests.  This helps downstream partners quickly and accurately identify mobile opportunities, and has resulted in further transparency of SpotXchange’s trusted video platform.
Finally, SpotXchange has been able to garner detailed insights into devices that interface with SpotXchange’s platform, providing key operating and engineering insights that have enabled SpotXchange to build better and more robust mobile products for advertisers and publishers. 

"The DeviceAtlas database is constantly updated which makes us certain that all the latest devices are accurately detected."

Allen Klosowski, VP, Mobile and Connected Devices at SpotXchange