Case Studies

How DeviceAtlas Cloud provides World Mobile Gaming with fast and accurate device detection

Case Studies

World Mobile Gaming


World Mobile Gaming (WMG) is a highly innovative company in the fast moving online games industry with a focus on the mobile gaming sector. WMG is a pioneer in non-downloadable device content, client push architectures and mobile widget technology, producing mobile web applications that work across all devices and support multi-player environments.

Use Case and Results

WMG have produced highly advanced games which are delivered to a range of partners and gaming operators. All of which rely on accurate device detection. Unified gaming engines and real time push technology make gaming a truly interactive multi-player experience no matter what device or platform is being used.

Alex Beck, Managing Director at WMG, comments:

“DeviceAtlas assists WMG in providing universally available mobile games, DeviceAtlas’ extensive data set means that WMG can support all web enabled devices today, and use of the regularly updated Cloud API ensures that WMG can automatically support all devices going forward into the future”.

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