DeviceAtlas for Mobile Advertising and Targeting

DeviceAtlas improves conversions and eliminates discrepancies by enabling granular device targeting of advertising campaigns. DeviceAtlas’ high speed APIs and accuracy make it the solution of choice for the online advertising industry who choose to integrate DeviceAtlas into their platforms.

Device Detection for Ad Targeting

How is DeviceAtlas used by the Advertising Industry?

DeviceAtlas is typically used in the following ways to support the needs of ad platforms:

Maximize Conversions

Maximize Conversions

High speed device recognition capable of millions of detections per second enables accurate ad targeting for the visiting device.

Ensure Quality of Experience

Ensure Quality of Experience

Accurate device detection ensures ad creative served will render properly on the device.

Programmatic Targeting for Mobile

Programmatic Targeting for Mobile

Up to date device information powers campaign creation interfaces so that users can programmatically target campaigns based on a wide range of device characteristics.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

DeviceAtlas supports the analytics requirements of advertisers and publishers, to measure campaign effectiveness across different devices.

DeviceAtlas for mobile advertising

The Go-to solution for Advertising Technology Platforms

DeviceAtlas is widely used in the advertising vertical, where speed and performance are key drivers.

We work with many different players in the programmatic and RTB space (Exchanges, DSPs, and Ad Servers) who have stringent compliance requirements concerning ad delivery, performance, and targeting.

DeviceAtlas powers billions of ad placements worldwide, due to its market leading performance and reliability.

In addition, DeviceAtlas provides the data needed to support the reporting requirements of the different players in the advertising chain.

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Sample deployment


“DeviceAtlas and its extensive device database provides an important component of byyd's advanced mobile advertising targeting and reporting capabilities”

Wes Biggs, Chief Technology Officer, byyd

See how mobile advertising marketplace byyd use DeviceAtlas to target the right ads to the right devices and provide rich reporting to their clients.

Read how Byyd rely on DeviceAtlas to ensure optimal ad targeting and delivery on their network.

Smart Ad Server

“Smart AdServer's targeting and reporting capabilities rely on DeviceAtlas to identify what devices are requesting ads. This ensures that all ads served are optimized for the requesting device and enables us to give deep reporting and statistics on mobile to our clients.”

Nicolas de Robert, Chief Technology Officer, Smart AdServer

Read how SmartAdServer rely on DeviceAtlas to ensure ads are served optimally on their platform.

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