Device Data for Mobile Operators

DeviceAtlas partners with the GSMA to provide Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers with an authoritative device capabilities database.

Device Map provides up-to-minute, high-quality, and high-accuracy device data combined with TAC (Type Allocation Code) for the telecommunications environment.

Device data for mobile network operators

Detailed TAC-based Device Data

DeviceAtlas enriches the basic GSMA TAC dataset with over 100 data points covering hardware and software information such as operating system, browser, multimedia capabilities, screen size, chipset, CPU, and much more.

As the global representative body for Mobile Operators, GSMA issues TACs to device manufacturers for all devices on the GSM standard to identify make and model. TAC is the initial 8-digit part of the IMEI code used to identify wireless devices operating on the GSM standard, or other IMEI-based network.

What is Device Map used for?

Device Map has many potential applications for Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers working in the GSM ecosystem.

Device-related insight for Sales and Marketing

Device-related insight for Sales and Marketing

Device Map can be used to identify specific devices you may wish to target. For example, knowing which device types drive higher ARPU could be used to craft compelling offers, or identify older devices that could be offered an upgrade.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Understanding the capabilities of all devices active on your network allows you to apply a device-aware approach to Customer Experience Management reducing churn and improving customer retention.

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

Detailed device information can help Customer Service Representatives or subscribers more effectively troubleshoot support issues according to their devices’ unique features. This can result in faster resolution times and improve customer support/self-service.

Network Optimization and Planning

Network Optimization and Planning

Device Map supports you in making business decisions driven by mobile traffic analysis. For example, tracking device-based network usage patterns can inform decisions on network optimization or planning the roll out of network infrastructure such as LTE, or the retirement of obsolete capacity.

Enhanced Analytics

Enhanced Analytics

Add value to CDR or traffic data Analytics, with a deeper understanding of device traffic on the network. Real-time or offline Analytics can help you react quickly to specific events or traffic patterns.

Device Map makes these and more use cases possible in any scenario
where TAC is available.

TAC-based device data for Operators

Why Operators use Device Map?

Building your very own consistent, accurate, and up-to-date TAC-based device database requires costly and time consuming research, and manual updates. Inconsistent naming conventions and standards can often be a challenge in a mobile operator environment.

Device Map addresses all these problems providing Operators with an organization-wide device database. Our solution ensures that consistent naming conventions and accurate, automatically updated data are used within the entire organization removing additional workload required in data management, and manual updates.

Request a Data Sample

If you are a Mobile Operator or are providing services to the Telco environment, please request a data sample here. Please complete the below form and provide us with as much detail as possible.

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