DeviceAtlas For Web Brands

Improve conversion rates and reduce web infrastructure costs. DeviceAtlas can help you understand how customers are experiencing your web content at a device level.

With a range of devices and user contexts, mobile audiences require a fundamentally different approach to maximize mobile revenues and conversions. DeviceAtlas can help your Brand reach its full potential audience on mobile.

Device detection for adaptive web design
Content Adaptation

Content Adaptation

Ensure your site is lightweight, blazingly fast, and easy to navigate. DeviceAtlas allows you to adapt content dynamically, so that each visitor gets an optimal viewing experience. Whether the device used is a smartphone, tablet, eReader, or a low end device, you only get one chance to make a first impression. DeviceAtlas provides all the information needed to support content adaptation decisions.


Optimize user experience and reduce bounce rate by redirecting visitors according to their device profile. DeviceAtlas identifies whether your visitor is a mobile device, desktop browser, crawler, robot or other visitor type, allowing the visitor to be directed to tailored experience appropriate to that device.

URL redirection
Mobile traffic analytics

Mobile traffic analytics

Use DeviceAtlas for mobile traffic analytics to ensure your strategy is data-driven. Today mobile traffic is not uniform. Web Brands must have a sound understanding of all devices that visitors use to access their content.

For Web Operations teams, device awareness now available at the server layer can reduce inefficiencies and costs in bandwidth and server specifications. DeviceAtlas directly empowers Web Ops teams to handle different device traffic in a highly efficient and scalable way for their organizations.

Why Brands are using DeviceAtlas?

DeviceAtlas is a mature device detection platform which has been market proven by a range of Web Brands across various industries including many Fortune 500 companies.

Our platform is perfect for content adaptation and redirection due to its high speed and accuracy, global device coverage, and low server footprint. DeviceAtlas customers enjoy a high level of transparency given that our platform reports on all kinds of traffic including undetectable, and undetected devices.

Device Detection for web brands

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Sample deployments


Major US retailer Target uses DeviceAtlas to provide key information on the visiting device, and to support content adaptation decisions.


US carrier Sprint uses DeviceAtlas to power redirection on website. Sprint serves some 55 million users.

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