Device data for the Operator environment

Introducing Device Map

Device Map is a joint offering in partnership with GSMA to bring an authoritative source of intelligence on device capabilities to the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and telecommunications environment. It provides up-to-minute, high-quality, high-accuracy device intelligence combined with TAC (Type Allocation Code).


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What is Device Map used for?

By understanding the characteristics of devices active on the network, Device Map can power analytics and insights that can be used to support decision-making across the Operator environment; from insight-driven marketing campaigns, network optimization, device management and customer support.

Device Map enables a range of applications for Mobile Network Operators and their supplier partners, including:

  • Providing Business Intelligence data and insights on devices to Marketing, Operations and Customer Service teams
  • Harnessing knowledge of your customers’ devices to make them more compelling offers
  • Understanding the capabilities of all devices active on your network
  • Identifying which device and device characteristics drive higher ARPU
  • Enabling consistency of device data across your organization.

As the representative body for the GSM industry, GSMA issues a TAC to device manufacturers for all devices on the GSM standard to identify make and model. DeviceAtlas enriches this dataset with over 120 properties per device, including hardware and software information such as operating system, browser, multimedia capabilities, screen size, connectivity etc.

Data Category

Sample properties

Device information

Manufacturer, model name, marketing name, brand

Hardware information

Device type (Tablet, Phone, TV, etc), screen size, touch interface, camera

Operating System

OS name and version (Android 4.3, iOS 7, Windows Mobile  etc)


Name, version, rendering engine, markup, image types


Modify DOM, Support events, Local storage


CSS, HTML5 properties


Streaming, Audio, Video codecs

Network protocols



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Why Device Data Is Essential For Mobile Network Operators

This e-book will help you understand what are the difficulties preventing operators from building, and maintaining in-house TAC-based device databases.

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