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About Us


The Device Intelligence Solution Of Choice
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Our Founding

DeviceAtlas was initially established, as part of the dotMobi group, in 2005 to drive uptake of web usage on mobile devices.

Founding members included major internet and technology players such as Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone, T-Mobile, GSMA, and Visa.

The mobile web ecosystem was dramatically different in 2005. This was two years before the first iPhone was released when poor user experience, and very slow and costly content rendering was common. At this time, DeviceAtlas was initially established and challenged with enhancing inclusivity and accessibility of the web on mobile devices. A core mission being to provide an enterprise-grade solution in a sea of open source and homegrown solutions.

The DeviceAtlas solution was officially launched in 2008 to meet the needs of web developers creating content for a wide range of mobile devices.

Our Growth

In 2010, as the mobile web gained traction, DeviceAtlas joined Afilias, Inc., becoming the flagship product of its mobile & web technology division called Afilias Technology Limited.

In 2020, during an acquisition of Afilias, Inc., Afilias Technology Limited was renamed DeviceAtlas Limited to better reflect the scope of device intelligence activities.

Through a combination of many factors including award winning patented technology, high performing solutions and customer focus, DeviceAtlas has become the world's authoritative source of device data and the device intelligence solution of choice for market leaders, including Verizon Media, Xandr, IBM, Adobe, Nielsen and Netflix.

Our Reach

As mobile device fragmentation has grown, so too has the need for device intelligence in order to differentiate in the market. Today, DeviceAtlas’ reach is extensive:

Trillions of data transactions per month

Billions of users exposed to our device intelligence via our Fortune 100, AdTech and analytics customers

As the mobile web ecosystem continues to develop rapidly, DeviceAtlas will continue to enhance inclusivity and accessibility by delivering robust, tested, low maintenance and future-proofed device intelligence solutions.

Additionally, our partnerships and involvement with leading industry bodies, including the IAB,  ITU and GSMA, along with our contributions to open web standards (e.g. editors of 3 open standards with W3C, and IETF contributors) and open source projects (e.g. Android 10), enables us to help ensure that industry and end users of mobile devices leverage best-in-class solutions and standards.

Technology partners


Patented Innovation

DeviceAtlas has been awarded multiple patents in the US and the EU for its innovative approach to device intelligence. Our patented technology makes DeviceAtlas highly accurate and fast.

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The DeviceAtlas Limited portfolio of web and mobile products.

The world's authoritative source of device data and the device intelligence solution of choice for market leaders including Verizon Media, Xandr, IBM, Adobe, Nielsen and Netflix.

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DeviceAtlas partners with the GSMA to provide the authoritative device capabilities database for mobile network operators and service providers in the operators space, called Device Map.

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Not every device is what it seems. DeviceAssure provides real-time verification of devices accessing your content and services

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A testing tool to evaluate your site’s mobile readiness using industry best practices and standards. mobiReady provides free analysis and a report to determine how well your site performs on mobile devices.

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A resource site for the mobile developer community, which includes know-how, mobile related news and analysis.

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