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Enterprise APIs


The Enterprise API is a high performance interface to the DeviceAtlas JSON data file. It is designed to have minimal footprint in the server environment while delivering lightning fast recognition of visiting devices.

International patents are filed on the technology, which provide recognition of over 6 million user agent string variations. The solution is highly extensible: additional rules can be added to address new variations in user agent model, without requiring existing deployments to be changed.

The API is on a slow evolution cycle, with the JSON structure on a faster evolution cycle, and the JSON data content on a daily update cycle. This means minimal ongoing effort is required to manage a DeviceAtlas deployment. This is enhanced through the use of centralized data management, which obviates the need to maintain local patch files.

Due to their compact nature, the Enterprise API and JSON file are ideal for incorporating into other products and services, to bring full device awareness to them.

Enterprise APIs are available for Java, Node.js, PHP, .NET and Python, with premium APIs C, C++ and GoLang. Web server modules are available for HAProxy, Apache, NGINX, NGINX Plus and IIS.

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