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Cloud Service


Cloud APIs

DeviceAtlas Cloud APIs provide an easy way to quickly incorporate the power of DeviceAtlas into your website or application. The Cloud APIs allow you to drop code into your application or website to add mobile device knowledge to it. Once this one step integration is complete no further effort is required to stay up to date—DeviceAtlas Cloud seamlessly updates its data in real time via the cloud with the freshest information on the latest phones and tablets released to the market. 

The DeviceAtlas Cloud APIs are extremely easy to integrate. In most cases the only integration step required is to drop the API code into your application folder and enter the license key that we email to you. You will then have access to DeviceAtlas data for every device within your application or site. Multiple language versions are available to ensure that most programming environments are covered: Java, PHP, .NET and Python. In each case a sample program is supplied to show how to use the API.

DeviceAtlas Cloud APIs are fast and light—we use real-time requests to our cloud servers to fetch data. Depending on the language of the API, different caching mechanisms are utilized to ensure that response times are extremely fast. DeviceAtlas Cloud network requests are very compact and will not impact server bandwidth.

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