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The Enterprise APIs are built to ensure the fastest recognition speeds (capable of millions of detections per second, per server) while providing best-in-class device detection and comprehensive device properties.

The APIs are available in a range of languages to provide easy integration into your environment, so whatever your web server technology, you should be able to benefit from DeviceAtlas knowledge.

Read about our API performance here.


  • The Java API package contains the DeviceAtlas JAR file, documentation and a sample Web Application.
  • Java API javadocs are bundled in the package and are also available online.
  • The JAR file requires a minimum of Java 1.4 and can be easily used under a web container like Tomcat or GlassFish.
Download Enterprise API for Java Version 1.7


  • ZIP file contains a single PHP API file, and a sample of its use.
  • The PHP API's phpDocs are also distributed with the zip file.
  • This API relies on the native JSON functions available in PHP 5.2.3 (and later) and is not supported on earlier versions.
Download Enterprise API for PHP Version 1.7


  • Our .NET API is provided in a ZIP file containing a single DLL, the associated documentation in MSDN format, and a sample ASP.NET-based application.
  • It can be deployed easily into a standard .NET 2.0 environment, such as IIS v6 on Microsoft Windows XP or Server 2003.
Download Enterprise API for .NET Version 1.7


  • The Python API is provided as two scripts: the main API ( and its exceptions (
  • Python v2.3 or higher and the standard simplejson library are required.
  • Standard docs are available online and in the archive.
Download Enterprise API for Python Version 1.7_1


  • The Ruby API requires the standard JSON gem.
  • Docs are available online and in the archive.
Download Enterprise API for Ruby Version 1.7

C++ / Apache / NGINX

  • C++ API with Apache and NGINX modules.
  • Best performace - up to 1.7 million detections per second.
  • Lowest memory footprint of all APIs.
Contact us for the C++ API and Apache/NGINX modules Version 1.7_3