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DeviceAtlas for mobile advertising and targeting


Ad Targeting
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DeviceAtlas for mobile advertising and targeting

DeviceAtlas improves conversions and reduces discrepancies by enabling granular device targeting of advertising campaigns.

DeviceAtlas’ high speed APIs and accuracy make it the solution of choice for the online advertising industry.

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Mobile Ad Targeting

How is DeviceAtlas used by the advertising industry?

DeviceAtlas is typically used in the following ways to support the needs of ad platforms:

Maximize conversions

High speed device recognition capable of millions of detections per second enables accurate ad targeting for the visiting device.

Ensure quality of experience

Accurate device detection ensures ad creative served will render properly on the device.

Programmatic targeting for mobile

Up to date device information powers campaign management interfaces so that users can create campaigns based on a wide range of device characteristics.

Analytics and reporting

DeviceAtlas supports the analytics requirements of advertisers and publishers, to measure campaign effectiveness across different devices.

The go-to solution for advertising technology platforms

DeviceAtlas is widely used in the advertising vertical, where speed and performance are key drivers.

We work with many different players in the programmatic and RTB space (Exchanges, DSPs, and Ad Servers) who have stringent compliance requirements concerning ad delivery, performance, and targeting. DeviceAtlas powers trillions of ad placements per month, due to its market leading performance and reliability.

In addition, DeviceAtlas provides the data needed to support the reporting requirements of the different players in the advertising chain.

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OTT and Connected TV

DeviceAtlas helps a range of top players in the advertising ecosystem identify traffic from OTT devices.

DeviceAtlas can identify traffic from OTT devices such as Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and Smart TVs.

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Bot Detection

Bot generated traffic masquerading as real human traffic costs advertisers billions each year in ad fraud. DeviceAtlas can make your ad platform aware of fraudulent bot traffic so that this traffic can be filtered appropriately.

This can add significantly to return on investment for advertisers.

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“DeviceAtlas plays a significant role in our platform, helping enable accurate device targeting to advertisers, enriching bid information on the supply side, and power reporting across the platform.”

Erik Savage, Product Manager at Xandr

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