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Not every device is what it seems

DeviceAssure protects brands, networks, and consumers from the threat posed by fraudulent or misrepresented devices and user-agents

Test a device anywhere in the world. Get the result in milliseconds, with no personally identifiable information required.

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Device Verification
Duplicate IMEI Management

Duplicate IMEI Management

Identify IMEIs which don’t align to the device to enable regulatory compliance

Device Insurance

Device Insurance

Validate remotely that the device exists, works and is authentic before providing quotation

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Enable consumers to validate the authenticity of second-hand devices

App Hardening

App Hardening

Protect subscribers and services from malware due to app installs in clone devices

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Protect margins via remote authenticity verification

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Prevent clone devices accessing network resources in BYOD environments

Digital Content Protection

Digital Content Protection

Identify spoofed user-agent strings accessing services


DeviceAssure verifies the authenticity of devices accessing your content and services.

It consists of an embeddable library for native apps and SDKs and a JavaScript library that examine device identifiers & characteristics. These are passed to the DeviceAssure service which provides details about the device and its authenticity.


The DeviceAssure JavaScript library can be embedded in any website to enable instant verification of devices accessing the site. Identifies User-agent string tampering. Fast, light and easy to set up.


The DeviceAssure native library can be embedded in any app or SDK to enable device verification. The native library provides detailed device information and comprehensive authenticity results.

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DeviceAssure for Web evaluation

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  1. Javascript Library (for embedding in web page)
  2. 10,000 verifications over a two week period, providing device naming and validity status
  3. License keys for each library (to authenticate calls to the DeviceAssure service)
  4. Technical Documentation


The data provided is for evaluation purposes; Contact us to upgrade to full license with unlimited usage, and the right to embed in products and services.

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DeviceAssure is available for native app and web environments.


Support is provided directly from R&D during GMT business hours.

Email for integration/development queries.

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