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DeviceAtlas Case Studies

Case Studies


How DeviceAtlas provides device insight for

Nike processes a range of user events from their websites and transforms large amounts of data before sending it to their analytics and data visualization tools. DeviceAtlas’ role is to parse User-Agent strings and provide deep insight on accessing devices. More »

Rocket Fuel

How DeviceAtlas powers Rocket Fuel’s programmatic ad delivery

Rocket Fuel is a Predictive Marketing Platform that learns from each moment of customer interaction to deliver and optimize media spend to engage, upsell, and retarget consumers across addressable programmatic channels including display, video, mobile, and social—simultaneously. Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring technology makes it possible to go beyond the traditional focus on segments. It instead connects with individuals to reach the right person, with the right message at the right time, on the right device. More »


How Airpush uses DeviceAtlas to provide data driven advertising to mobile devices via web and native app

Airpush uses DeviceAtlas to provide data driven advertising to mobile devices. Campaigns and metrics use device type, platform and capabilities to allow customers to target and report effectively on the campaigns they run. They have numerous partnerships with exchanges that resell inventory to DSP's, and DeviceAtlas is used to target all of those devices. Airpush uses DeviceAtlas within the mobile and native app advertising markets. More »

National Lottery

How National Lottery uses DeviceAtlas to segment and redirect mobile traffic

National Lottery uses DeviceAtlas to identify devices which are compatible with the enhanced National Lottery mobile site. DeviceAtlas detects which handset a customer is accessing the site with, and seamlessly presents the mobile optimized site to visitors whose devices are compatible with the site.  More »


How DeviceAtlas module for NGINX brings device awareness to the web server

The DeviceAtlas module for the NGINX® brings the full device intelligence of DeviceAtlas to servers running NGINX. It allows the task of real-time device detection to shift from the application level to web server level.  More »

How IBM utilizes DeviceAtlas on Air Canada mobile services

IBM acts as IT partner to Air Canada to implement a series of standalone mobile applications for Air Canada including their mobile check-in and flight booking applications. IBM implemented the DeviceAtlas server side device detection solution to detect mobile traffic in real time and understand the capabilities of each requesting device.  More »

How Mail & Guardian use DeviceAtlas to handle traffic from mobile devices

Mail & Guardian is a leading publication that thrives on being technically innovative. It uses DeviceAtlas to help acheive its goal of providing quality content across a range of screen types.  More »

How Paddy Power Reaches It’s Entire Mobile Audience

With 81% of Paddy Power earnings generated online in 2011, reaching maximum audience is vital for Paddy Power’s business. That means reaching all mobile customers irrespective of device.  More »

How DeviceAtlas powers mobile device detection for advanced ad server Smart AdServer

It was essential to Smart AdServer that their clients can be confident that their mobile advertising campaigns can be correctly targeted by device. It is also critical that all ad creative is rendered optimally no matter what the device, without any latency to the end user.  More »

Starcom USA

How DeviceAtlas module for Starcom powers redirection for a number of their clients

As an organization that works with multiple partners, agencies and clients, bringing a strong focus beyond traditional desktop websites and marketing campaigns to include mobile and other emerging device categories for their client base is key.  More »

World Mobile Gaming

How DeviceAtlas provides World Mobile Gaming with fast and accurate device detection

WMG have produced highly advanced games which are delivered to a range of partners and gaming operators. All of which rely on accurate device detection. Unified gaming engines and real time push technology make gaming a truly interactive multi-player experience no matter what device or platform is being used.  More »

Access Mobility Inc

How DeviceAtlas provides device detection to Access Mobility Inc

They use DeviceAtlas to identify which device is requesting content from an app so that the correct content can be sent to the device. The use cases vary from targeting appropriate content per device to adapting content depending on the capabilities of the device.  More »

Why VPON chose DeviceAtlas to power their mobile advertising platform

With trillions of mobile requests a day, VPON helps advertisers target over 100 million smartphone users, with ads that are highly relevant to the customer’s location and device. Accurate, high speed device detection is core to Vpon’s success.

DeviceAtlas SpotXchange Case Study

DeviceAtlas helped SpotXchange, a video advertising platform, increase targeting options and ad traffic transparency by verifying the type of requesting device and serving the right types of ads. This also allowed the platform to provide its ad buyers and publishers with insight into device type-based campaign statistics. More »