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Case Studies


Case Studies


"DeviceAtlas’ device detection API has saved a ton of time for us since we now always have a highly accurate and reliable layer of device data and insights for our customers without the headache of keeping it up to date!"
Andrew Slotin, Senior Backend Developer at Adjust


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Headquarters:Berlin, Germany
Industry:Marketing and Advertising
Specialties:Mobile marketing performance tracking, mobile app attribution, business intelligence


Adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company that provides app marketers with a comprehensive business intelligence platform. Adjust combines attribution for advertising sources with advanced analytics and store statistics such as rankings, ratings and reviews.

Using Adjust’s platform, app marketers can understand where their app users are coming from and which are their highest performing sources. This enables them to segment users and analyze their behavior in real time to uncover their behavioral patterns. The result is more fully optimized mobile campaigns.

We spoke with Andrew Slotin, Senior Backend Developer at Adjust, who oversees all technical aspects of Adjust’s platform and uses DeviceAtlas to return rich information on various device properties.

The Challenge

Having a reliable method of device detection is a business-critical asset for any company in the analytics space. With the huge and increasing variety of different web-enabled devices in use today, it’s not easy to accurately detect which device is making a request for an ad or app in an efficient way. Accurate data on all devices customers are using across networks and online properties is a vital part of campaign targeting and analytics.

Before DeviceAtlas, Adjust were using an internal regex solution based on a pattern matching approach on the device user agent (UA) strings returned by browsers. The main challenge with this approach was around data maintenance and labor overhead. Using a regex solution can be very resource and labor intensive so Adjust needed a device detection solution that would not impact core engineering activities.

Also, while Adjust’s solution did work very well in terms of performance, there were some instances of data inaccuracies that made it more difficult for Adjust to keep up with. For example, Adjust found that using regex wasn’t the most robust way to reliably differentiate between Android tablets and smartphones 100% of the time.

With 100,000 requests per second on their platform, this presented a challenge for Adjust. They needed a premium device detection solution that could not only be capable of millions of detections per second but was also powered by an up-to-date, accurate device database.


After evaluating several solutions on the market, Adjust chose DeviceAtlas’ locally deployed solution on the basis of its robust, high-performance APIs which can be deployed in demanding environments and its market leading accuracy. DeviceAtlas’ solution was easily integrated into Adjust’s technology stack which helped them continue hosting data on their own servers. Adjust never store information with cloud services which helps them eliminate any risk for their customers of their device information becoming exposed.

Using DeviceAtlas’ real-time API enabled Adjust to more effectively map UAs correctly when compared with a regex solution. Adjust immediately saw a significant improvement over their existing in-house approach. DeviceAtlas provides Adjust’s customers with a deep understanding of their app users with granular device data that helps them segment and analyze behavior in real time. For example, app marketers can see which types of devices are the best performing in terms of user acquisition, campaign attribution and revenue tracking. Over 90% of Adjust’s traffic is cross-checked by DeviceAtlas. Adjust also uses DeviceAtlas to differentiate between automated search engine bots like crawlers and spiders, and real web traffic.

DeviceAtlas provides significant ROI to Adjust, not only in terms of powering the platform with enterprise-grade device detection but also by removing the labor intensive and maintenance-heavy overhead of maintaining an in-house solution.

"DeviceAtlas’ device detection API has saved a ton of time for us, since we now always have a highly accurate and reliable layer of device data and insights for our customers without the headache of keeping it up to date!." Andrew Slotin, Senior Backend Developer at Adjust