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Mobile Device Analytics

Device data for analytics

Mobile Device Analytics

Device data for analytics

Understanding engagement at device level helps ensure that all areas of a business — marketing, operations, support — are addressing audiences optimally, maximizing customer engagement, and revenues.

DeviceAtlas’ device recognition capability is highly accurate and fast, which makes it an excellent fit for analytics and business intelligence environments where precision reporting is paramount.

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Mobile Device Analytics

DeviceAtlas powers analytics in the following environments:



We supply device data to many leading web analytics platforms as well as directly to enterprise customers. Read more



Devices running native apps on iOS or Android can be identified and reported on using DeviceAtlas. Read more

Advertising Industry

Advertising industry

DeviceAtlas is the market leading supplier to many players in the advertising ecosystem including DSPs, DMPs and exchanges. Read more



We partner with the GSMA to provide device intelligence to the telecoms environment with reporting on up to 100 different device capabilities for all devices. Read more

How detailed device analytics can help

By bringing together detailed data on devices in different connected environments, DeviceAtlas provides an aggregated view of device usage and customer engagement.

Our unique device ID provides a single view of how customers interface across different channels — intelligence from one environment, such as web, can be analyzed alongside another, for example apps.

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How detailed device analytics can help

Use cases

Predictive and Behavioural Device Analytics

Predictive and behavioural device analytics

Know what your customers are doing across your networks and website properties by adding device intelligence to your data analytics.

Scrutinize server logs, build a picture of historical traffic, or establish the volume, breakdown and frequency of visits from mobile and other device types to your site.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence

Device data can be a vital input to creating a seamless customer experience. Compare analytics across different channels, identify opportunities and resolve issues to ensure all channels are delivering the best customer experience and return.

Internet of Things

Internet of things

The quantity of connected devices is increasing rapidly. There is a vital need to provide a standard way to programmatically identify these devices and organize the vast quantities of data they generate.

Data Security and Fraud Prevention

Data security and fraud prevention

Determine which devices your customers use so that you can alert them when an unfamiliar device is attempting to access their account.

“The mobile and social channels are no longer peripheral. We are constantly looking to improve the depth and breadth of insight across all digital channels.”


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