Resurgence of the Feature Phone?

In January 2007, Apple released the iPhone, a move which would change the world of mobile. However, recently we've seen feature phones making a small comeback. Does the data agree?


The Most Active Bots On The Web - 2018

For our latest dive into web traffic data, we looked at the numbers for Q1 2018 to investigate the most active bots and crawlers on the web.

The Most Popular iPhones of 2017

Is the iPhone 6 the pinnacle of Apple's engineering genius? We looked at the data for the entire year of 2017 to find out.


Limiting Ad Fraud with Device Detection

For anyone involved in the online advertising space, ad fraud is a concern. Learn how DeviceAtlas helps advertisers and agencies reduce the losses to bots, click-farms and other forms of fake traffic.

User Agent Strings

List of User Agent strings

Updated for 2018 - The User-Agent (UA) string is contained in the HTTP headers and is intended to identify devices requesting online content. We've compiled a list of the most popular device's UAs!


The Most Popular Smartphones of 2017

Wrapping up our look back on 2017's device landscape, let's dig into the numbers to find out the most popular smartphones of the last year.

How to change User Agent in your desktop browser to view mobile websites

Looking to test mobile websites in your desktop browser? Or, maybe you need to test page weight and load times in the mobile environment? These tasks are easily done by changing the browser's default User Agent header. This article describes a few simple methods of switching User Agents in desktop browsers.

List of mobile browsers User-Agent strings

List of mobile browser User-Agent strings

The standard way to pass information to the server about the visiting device is to include it in the User-Agent (UA) string. This information typically passes the name and version of the browser among many other details. In order to get an understanding of which mobile browsers use your site, you need to know their User-Agent strings. Here’s a handy list of UAs that you may want to use.


MWC2018 Highlights - The DeviceAtlas Report

With all eyes firmly fixed on Barcelona for the 2018 Mobile World Congress, the DeviceAtlas team went along to sample the latest devices, technologies and plans at the world's greatest mobile conference.


How To Detect iPhone 8 And iPhone X With DeviceAtlas

With each iteration of the iPhone, there are a few models to choose from. This makes accurately detecting the exact specifications of a device a potential headache.