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DeviceAtlas for Web

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DeviceAtlas for Web

The full picture on website traffic

Get the most detailed and relevant metadata on all visiting devices to analyze traffic, improve conversion rates for online advertising, optimize content & more.

DeviceAtlas for Web is a scalable and dependable solution for internal use or embedded in products and services for downstream customers.

DeviceAtlas provides rich metadata on visiting devices to better understand website traffic

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Where DeviceAtlas adds value for major brands

Analytics Enrichment

Unlock data insights for a better understanding of audience engagement

Device intelligence is a critical component of analytics enrichment. The capabilities of connected devices play a significant role in the user experience during web/app visits, video streaming, and consumer engagement.

DeviceAtlas customers outperform their competition by seeing the full analytics picture to ensure better end user experiences and staying on top of device diversity. Its scalable and dependable nature enables businesses to use it on their own websites or build into core offerings for downstream customers.


Maximize conversions with tailored experiences for visitors

The gap between high and low-end phone capabilities is increasing, and being able to effectively measure bounce rates and convert highly diverse visitors into customers is a significant challenge.

DeviceAtlas helps businesses to improve the experience of users at a fine-grained level irrespective of the device they’re using, enabling better accessibility as well as the ability to extend their reach.


Pinpoint new opportunities by understanding device capabilities

As the cookieless future approaches, the need for device targeting is more important than ever, and the ability to create relevance for website visitors is crucial.

DeviceAtlas enables businesses to target users according to their device and make relevant offers based on that device. For example, highlighting specific phone accessories without prompting the user to input the device name or serving the preferred language for visiting users and target them with the appropriate content.


In a connected world, knowing the device is as important as knowing the user

DeviceAtlas enables businesses to add an extra layer of authentication; when a subscriber signs in, ensuring that they have previously been authenticated on the same device provides a higher level of confidence than if the device changes.

In addition, our DeviceAssure offering verifies the authenticity and integrity of devices used, identifying visitors that are seeking to mask their origins.

More ways to use DeviceAtlas

Bot Identification

Identify self-declared and undeclared bot traffic on you or your clients’ websites

Device Graph Creation

Link an individual to all of the devices they use

"Know Your Customer" applications

Maintain a whitelist of accepted devices for login handling

Password Sharing

Inform subscribers of login attempts using different devices

Language Identification

Serve the end user’s preferred language on first page load

Marker-based AR

Determine whether smartphone capabilities will allow users to ‘try on’ real-world items such as jewelry using augmented reality

NFC Medical Sensor

Determine whether a smartphone can be used to capture medical information

ETL Facilitation

Convert HTTP headers into well-structured data for use in BI platforms

Data Orchestration

Ensure device information is consistent between web, app and mobile operator-originated data

Cross Ecosystem Analysis

Enable comparison of device patterns and trends across web, app and MNO ecosystems

Device Inventory Maintenance

Simplify creation and maintenance of records of BYOD devices and their versions

Personal Banking

Use camera capabilities to permit services such as check lodgement via the device

How DeviceAtlas works

DeviceAtlas for web is a locally deployed, high performance solution that you embed in your server stack to convert HTTP headers into rich, actionable data.

By developers, for developers

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