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"Being aware of exactly what devices customers use is crucial in today’s complex digital media environment. Our partnership with DeviceAtlas ensures that Adobe customers are always up-to-date on the latest devices in use."
Roger Woods - Director, Mobile Product & Strategy, Adobe




Transactions annually


Fortune 500 as customers

Headquarters:San Jose California, USA
Industry:Multimedia, Marketing and Advertising Software
Specialties:Digital and creative tools, advertising, analytics


Adobe Systems, founded in 1982, has grown to become one of the biggest companies in the world, providing a range of digital tools and software across a wide product portfolio. Headquartered in San Jose, California, United States, Adobe continues to lead the multimedia software industry as well as having offerings in digital experience, analytics, advertising and other business services such as Document Cloud. When Adobe identified a need to stay on top of the fast evolving device landscape, they came to DeviceAtlas.

The Challenge

As constant connectedness has become the norm, customers are using many different types of devices to engage with brands and publishers online. The explosion in usage of tablets, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches and other connected device categories presents big opportunities and unique challenges to brands. As a leading provider of web and app analytics, Adobe quickly adapted its platform to cater for mobile and other emerging device categories.

Central to Adobe's vision is presenting an understanding of how customers are interacting with brands at a device level. Adobe chose DeviceAtlas initially for its Analytics platform so that its customers could understand and leverage the range of different ways their customers engage online, and provide experiences that are appropriate for each context. Accurate knowledge of the device context allows them to focus their digital strategies where the opportunities lie.

Diversity is increasing

Many thousands of distinct web enabled devices are now in existence and the number is growing on a daily basis. New form factors, screen dimensions, and resolutions, new software versions, new technologies are emerging constantly. Adobe has long understood the need to stay abreast of this ever changing landscape. Over time, Adobe has expanded its initial usage of DeviceAtlas to cover additional product offerings including the Adobe Experience Cloud, Document Cloud, and in the targeted advertising technology space through the acquisition of TubeMogul, which was an existing customer of DeviceAtlas. You can read more about Adobe's usage of DeviceAtlas on the Adobe documentation site.

The Solution

DeviceAtlas provides Adobe with a constantly updated source of global device data. DeviceAtlas tracks and maintains deep intelligence on the latest devices and provides updates on a daily basis. This data is embedded across Adobe's product portfolio. In the Analytics solution DeviceAtlas is used for parsing User Agent strings to return highly accurate and detailed reporting on accessing devices.

DeviceAtlas acts as the device data specialist for Adobe. Our exclusive focus is on maintaining and testing a database of device information so that customers always have the latest intelligence on devices released into the market. Adobe worldwide customer base rely on this vital intelligence to fully understand what their customer’s device preferences are and react to them in real time.