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Case Studies


Case Studies


"DeviceAtlas provided us with fast, accurate and reliable data in an ideal framework, allowing us to focus on our main goals."

Yarik Vyrva – Head of Product, TheViewPoint




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Headquartes:New York, New York, USA
Industry:Marketing and Advertising
Specialties:CTV ad monetization, video ad exchange, programmatic demand mediation


TheViewPoint is a SaaS company established in NYC in 2019 by Ad Tech experts, who aim to bring publishers more control over their Connected Television (CTV) ad inventory.

With a sharp focus on the Connected TV environment, TheViewPoint offers an intelligent business model and a transparent ad monetization approach that prevents media sellers from losing their hard-earned ad dollars. They enable CTV publishers to build, manage, and grow their own ad exchange, so they can sell more, earn more, and succeed more.

Since its founding, TheViewPoint relied on open source libraries to deliver in-house device identification. And in 2021, with the aim of providing additional value to their partners, they sought to overcome their device intelligence challenges.

The Challenge

TheViewPoint empowers CTV publishers with lucrative ad monetization solutions to sell their inventory directly to the best performing DSPs and gain maximum yields from each of their ad placements.  For years the Ad Tech industry has learned to deliver ads via mobile apps, desktop browsers, social networks, video players, and other mediums among the plethora of different devices. Increasingly there is a considerable demand for this on CTV. It is expected that by 2023, the global market of over the top (OTT) video (media service offered to viewers via the Internet) will rise by 13.8% per year on average, and its volume will reach $72.8 billion compared to $38.2 billion in 2018.

This provides huge opportunities but at the same time presents many challenges. Device detection data accuracy is paramount. OTT publishers need to provide accurate, up to date, reliable data in real time. TheViewPoint faced these challenges. Their in-house solution, became quickly unworkable, as rarer devices began showing up on the system it became more and more difficult and time consuming to reliably identify the traffic.

Inconsistencies in user agent strings has historically been an issue and considerable challenge for CTV partners to overcome, and this was very much the case for TheViewPoint; smart TVs and set top boxes are increasingly difficult to identify from the UA string without constant, time consuming, cross referencing and database updates.

Being unable to reliably identify devices was having a direct impact on TheViewPoints financial bottom line, as Yarik pointed out, if they had 10% of unidentifiable devices, they may have been sending that traffic blindly, or in most cases just blocking that specific device.

“If there has been an error during identification, this has a potential negative impact as someone will not buy this impression. Accuracy in device identification is directly proportional to the available traffic and obtainable revenue" Yarik Vyrva.


After exploring several device detection and intelligence vendors, TheViewPoint chose to partner with DeviceAtlas. The device identification capabilities offered matches with their core requirements and also offered the ability to leverage potential opportunities down the road.

Having the correct technology  was of great importance to TheViewPoint, specifically requiring java based framework to connect with their back end. DeviceAtlas made this implementation seamless as a result of this offering

“The ease of implementation eliminated the need for additional developer resources, having a language native to the framework made the process far easier to manage” Yarik Vyrva

DeviceAtlas delivered a locally deployed device intelligence solution that enables lightning-fast lookups with minimal server footprint. Through its quick and easy to implement, high-performance API, TheViewPoint now has a market leading, accurate, futureproofed device intelligence solution.

“We have a large maxload of 50,000 QPS which required an enterprise solution to ensure optimal performance and DeviceAtlas provided that”

Having up to date device data was of paramount importance to TheViewPoint in this rapidly growing ecosystem. With plans to expand the number of integrations in the future, Devicetlas removed the hurdle to that and enabled future growth possibilities.


Since implementing DeviceAtlas, TheViewPoint have achieved stellar performance improvements, currently they are confident they achieve 99% reliable and accurate device intelligence, significantly improving monetization capabilities, while eliminating maintenance costs.

Additionally, TheViewPoint can now focus more on their core business as maintenance of their in-house solution is not required.

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DeviceAtlas enables AdTech companies to:

  • Reliably identify OTT traffic (e.g. Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Games Consoles);
  • Stay on top of the CTV device landscape more efficiently; and
  • Enhance inventory value by providing another detailed layer of targeting.

Learn more about the market leading device intelligence solution for the OTT ecosystem here & sign up for a free trial now.