DeviceAtlas for Apps

DeviceAtlas is the only solution that can provide intelligence on device usage across several environments. DeviceAtlas provides the same deep intelligence in the native apps environment that it provides in the web environment, providing a consistent view across all channels.

Publishers, advertising platforms and analytics providers in the app ecosystem can get a consolidated view of device usage across both environments.

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How is it used?

Device intelligence gained from DeviceAtlas can be used in two ways in the app environment:

Analytics and reporting

Analytics and reporting

DeviceAtlas can return detailed analytics directly to app publishers or to advertisers via their advertising platform partners. Providers of web analytics and Business Intelligence tools can also utilize device data to help their customers report on device usage in both native app and web environments. Read more

Advertising platforms

Advertising platforms

Advertising platforms can harness detailed device intelligence to programmatically target in-app advertising campaigns based on a wide range of device characteristics. Read more

“DeviceAtlas helps us keep on top of a constantly shifting device market. The intelligence in the native apps environment provides us with extremely detailed data on devices where our haptic feedback technology is available.”

Chris Ullrich, VP of UX and Analytics at Immersion.

How it works

DeviceAtlas for Apps ensures that app traffic can be understood in programmatic environments such as analytics or advertising.

Make/Model strings

DeviceAtlas takes the raw make/model strings reported by native apps.

Make/Model string mapped to ID

These strings are mapped to a consistent and unique device ID.

This enables accurate reporting and targeting of devices running native apps.

Why DeviceAtlas?

DeviceAtlas is the de facto standard for device data and the only solution that is indexed for web, apps and telco environments. Our patented technology provides a common device identifier to understand device traffic across all connected environments.

This makes it possible to gain a detailed understanding of device usage across the different touch points between a company and its’ customers. DeviceAtlas constantly updates its database to identify new devices.

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Traffic across all connected environments

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