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DeviceAtlas for Apps

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DeviceAtlas for Apps

Deep intelligence for the native apps environment

Learn how device characteristics affect app user experience and uncover how to translate this into meaningful data insights.

DeviceAtlas for Apps provides valuable metadata on device capabilities, optimized for easy processing and analysis with rapid time to value.

Better understand device capabilities in the native app environment with DeviceAtlas

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Where DeviceAtlas adds value for major brands

Analytics and Reporting

Uncover powerful data dimensions about app usage patterns

DeviceAtlas returns detailed analytics directly to app publishers or their advertising platform partners, offering a multitude of analysis parameters: grouping device models by marketing name, conducting diagnostics through identification of CPU clock speed patterns, RAM and GPU models across different hardware vendors, etc.

Providers of Web Analytics and Business Intelligence tools can also utilize device data to help their customers report on device usage in both native app and web environments.


Unlock real-time insights to inform content serving decisions

Maximize app revenues and conversions by offering each visiting device a tailored experience and answer critical questions:

  1. Does age of the device affect conversion rates?
  2. Does screen size correlate with time spent in-app?
  3. Do results vary by brand across similar devices?
  4. How significant is the impact of device performance on results?

Being able to answer these questions enables design decisions to be fully informed, and implementations adjusted to optimize outcomes across different hardware while still ensuring a positive user experience.


Accurately identify which devices can be attributed to app campaign success

Deepen your understanding of visiting devices and how they can be attributed to ad impressions, clicks, etc. by uncovering specific device types, characteristics, and authenticity.

This empowers attribution platforms to deliver exceptionally thorough campaign analytics on client dashboards.


Harness detailed device intelligence to programma­tically target in-app ad campaigns

Expand targeting opportunities for in-app advertisements by segmenting users based on device specifications, for example brand and model (Samsung Galaxy S22), hardware classification (premium vs. low end devices), 5G support (true/false), year released.

More ways to use DeviceAtlas

ETL facilitation

Convert brand and model strings into well-structured device metadata for use in BI platforms

Crash diagnostics

Deepen insights into device hardware characteristics to aid in root causing hangs or failures

Uninstall analysis

Identify device characteristics that correlate with low usage or elevated uninstall rates

Monetisation analytics

Enable insights into how device characteristics affect monetisation

User Segmentation

Enable simple segmentation of users by their device classification, ranging from Entry Level to Premium Tier

Data orchestration

Ensure device information is consistent across web, app and mobile operator data sources

How DeviceAtlas works

DeviceAtlas for apps is a locally deployed, high performance solution that you embed in your server stack to convert Make/Model identifier into rich, actionable data.

By developers, for developers

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