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DeviceAtlas overview

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DeviceAtlas overview

Your Partner for Device Intelligence

We provide actionable information on the devices, browsers and applications used to access content and services, enabling businesses to better understand their users and harness the growing diversity of the landscape.

Introducing the Device Intelligence stack

DeviceAtlas enables businesses to deepen their understanding of how their metrics are affected by end user devices, enabling progressively more powerful use cases as they move up the stack.

DeviceAtlas Products

DeviceAtlas for Web

Get a full picture of your website traffic with the most relevant and detailed metadata on all visiting devices, browsers and applications.

DeviceAtlas for Apps

Access deep device intelligence for native app traffic to understand how device capabilities influence business metrics.

Device Map

Uncover rich device capability data indexed by the GSMA-issued TAC. Device Map is a product in partnership with the GSMA.


Protect your consumers, brand, networks, or revenue from the threat posed by fraudulent or misrepresented devices.

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