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Getting Started - DeviceAtlas for Web


Follow these simple steps to have the DeviceAtlas Enterprise API working locally within a few minutes.
If you do not have a licence, please contact us to request an evaluation.

1. Download Device Data File

This step is not required for Java API.

For the Enterprise solution, device data is packaged in a JSON format, which is highly compressed to reduce server footprint, and is optimized for speed of search and retrieval. It can either be downloaded manually or fetched with an automated script.

Refer to our Device Data (JSON) reference documentation to know more about DeviceAtlas data downloads.

2. Device Identification API

DeviceApi deviceApi = new DeviceApi();
Map<String, String> headers = new HashMap<String, String>();
headers.put("HEADER NAME", "HEADER VALUE");
Properties properties = deviceApi.getProperties(headers);
String userAgent = "THE USER AGENT VALUE";
Properties properties = deviceApi.getProperties(userAgent);
boolean mobileDevice = properties.contains("mobileDevice", true);
int displayWidth = properties.containsKey("displayWidth")? properties.get("displayWidth").asInteger(): 100;
String vendor = properties.containsKey("vendor")? properties.get("vendor").asString(): "";
boolean useBiggerIcons = properties.contains("touchScreen", true);

You can find all information related to the Java DeviceAtlas Enterprise API here.

3. Data File Options

Default data file only has  21 out of 177  properties selected. Please visit Data File Options page to customize which device properties are to be included in data file.

4. Client-side Component

The Client-side Component is needed for granular identification of iOS devices, as well as for other dynamic properties. Please visit DeviceAtlas Client-side Component.


If you need assistance, contact us at for technical support directly from R&D. For business questions and access to an evaluation licence, contact sales.