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Data File Configuration


As an Enterprise customer you can customize the data you get from DeviceAtlas. This gives you immediate control over the content of your data file, without having to maintain a local patch file. All data is centrally managed and maintained.

For the list of all data files please see the Data Downloads.


If you regularly submit content assertions in DeviceAtlas, we would be happy to increase your "trust weighting", which gives your contributions greater influence over the device data. See the section How the data model works for more details on weighting.

Contact us if you require any further information.

Data File Options

The device data file contains the core data set with any of your opinions overriding the base properties. In addition, any options set through the Data File Options (My Account / Data File Options) will affect the file.

Available Options

Desktop Browser Properties

Enable this option if you wish to avail of the extra desktop browser information in the DeviceAtlas Enterprise API. This might have a small impact on detection speed.

API versions < 2.1 compatible data file

Enable this option only if you use API version 2.0.x or lower.

Once you upgrade the API to 2.1 or greater, uncheck this box to get a data file version with reduced footprint, increased performance, and higher accuracy.

v1.3 compatible JSON file (not recommended)

Enable this option only if you use API version 1.3.x or lower. This will lead to bigger JSON file sizes and increased memory usage.

It is highly recommended to not use this option with API 1.4 or higher.

Property Selection

You can manage the content of the data file to optimise performance by customising the property set.

By default, the evaluation data file contains a limited property set, but these can be extended via Data File Options (My Account / Data File Options). Please note that adding properties will increase the footprint and will affect performance. Any changes made will take effect in the next data file download.