Contributing Data


We believe device detection is a strategically important capability. Our emphasis is on partnership with our customers. To ensure a continuous and measurable improvement of our data, we facilitate a feedback loop to add new data to DeviceAtlas. We deliver in excess of 99.8% accuracy of detection when this feedback loop is in place.

There are three ways to contribute.


1. Unrecognised User agents

New user agent variants are constantly emerging for devices. Send us any unrecognized user agents, so that we can map them to devices, or create new devices, as needed.

Send a flat file of UAs to on a weekly basis, ranked by frequency to assist prioritization.


2. TA-DA

Visit TA-DA on any handset to capture the device user agent and key capabilities via a set of interactive tests. Enter new devices or update existing device data through this highly reliable data capture mechanism. Logging in and taking a test should take about 10 minutes. Data is available live on the system the following day.


3. Device pages

Visit any individual device page in the Device Browser to contribute data or view the source data behind every data point. All data contributions are stored and weighted on a daily basis to determine whether the result for the property should change.