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Device Map (TAC)


Device Map download supports XML and CSV plain text formats. It can either be downloaded manually or fetched with an automated script.

Download frequency

The TAC database is updated daily, and we recommend that you update the data file on a regular basis to ensure you have the most up-to-date data.

Automatic downloads

It is strongly recommended to setup a regular automated data download. The data file can be downloaded from this simple download page by passing the correct parameters in the URL. Either HTTP or HTTPs can be used to fetch the device map file.


Download parameters

The download request must use the following parameters:


License key for your account.


Data format.


Compression format.


Optional parameter. Set to "1" to download the MD5 file for the JSON.


Download the latest data file in CSV format, with values separated by comma:

Download the latest data file in XML format:

Download the MD5 checksum file for the latest data file:

Download verification

Verification of a downloaded data file is very important to ensure the whole file was received and it is not corrupted. Setting the MD5 parameter to "1" will download a text file containing the MD5 hash of the main data file which can then be compared against the full data file.