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DeviceAtlas Patents and IP

Our Patent Portfolio

DeviceAtlas has led the way in device detection and intelligence since 2008 and holds multiple patents on device recognition and intelligence. From defining the Device Description Repository (DDR) concept with the W3C, to co-authoring several W3C documents on device detection APIs and Mobile Web Best Practices, we enable major companies around the world to build device-aware products and services based on our industry-leading technology.

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Innovation you can Trust

DeviceAtlas is defined by solid, dependable technology, stable APIs and consistent data formats. It is the only patent-protected solution capable of delivering the speed, accuracy and memory efficiency needed for the mission-critical applications of many of the web’s leading companies.

We at DeviceAtlas believe in the merits of the patent system to protect investment and innovation. Our IP portfolio covers both the US and Europe, making DeviceAtlas the de facto standard for device intelligence. The following table lists our granted patents to date, with many more pending.

Patent number Title Grant date Priority date Jurisdiction
US20190026469A1 Counterfeit electronic device detection 8/2/2022 03/03/2016 USA
US11178149B2 Preventing counterfeit communication devices from accessing resources 16/11/2021 05/09/2017 USA
US20170017499A1 Server-based generation of user interfaces for delivery to mobile communication devices 7/7/2020 08/07/2010 USA
US9654596B2 Providing mobile versions of web resources 17/10/2018 14/04/2010 EU
EP3264728B1 Determining a property of a communication device 07/07/2018 12/02/2008 EU
EP2558961 Providing mobile versions of web resources 16/05/2017 14/04/2010 USA
US9043289B2 Estimation of errors in attribute values of aggregated databases 26/05/2015 18/02/2009 USA
US9141724B2 Transcoder hinting 22/09/2015 19/04/2019 USA

Globally Deployed and Trusted

DeviceAtlas has been built on the design of efficient algorithms, relentlessly honed over time for high performance. This is why DeviceAtlas delivers the fastest lookups while preserving a very small memory footprint and data file. DeviceAtlas delivers speed, accuracy and efficiency—no compromises.

Whether you are running an advertising platform with sub-millisecond device identification requirements, a high-traffic website, or an analytics platform processing trillions of log files, DeviceAtlas technology provides the fastest, most accurate device intelligence.

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