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Bot detection


Bot detection

As much as 40% of internet traffic is from non-human sources including automated bots and crawlers. This traffic ranges from legitimate search engine bots and crawlers to nefarious automated programs that may be controlled by hackers, fraudsters, or competitors.

Gaining visibility of this traffic can help your business in many ways:

Reduce infrastructure costs

DeviceAtlas can enable significant savings in IT costs by detecting and identifying bot traffic to your site. In many cases up to 20 - 30% of infrastructure and bandwidth costs can be attributed to bot traffic. Using DeviceAtlas to handle this traffic efficiently can deliver immediate and measurable ROI on your investment.

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Improve user experience

Successfully handling bot traffic can improve user experience by minimizing the impact of bots on the performance of your website. For example, it may be desirable to prioritise human traffic over all bots. Search engine bots can be handled differently to other bots.

Avoid serving ads to bots

Within the Ad tech vertical, assuring your partners and customers that you can identify bots reliably and avoid serving ads to them is an important trust message. Having an up-to-date, accurate database on bots, and the ability to identify them in real time, gives your platform a technical and competitive advantage.

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Reconcile ad revenues and web traffic

For media publisher carrying onsite advertising, ad revenues may not match the amount of traffic to the web property. By understanding the level of bot traffic coming to your site, you can reliably reconcile ad revenues with web traffic reports.

Ad revenue Total traffic Bots & crawlers traffic

How it works

DeviceAtlas contains extensive information on bots. This is made possible through a global network of honeypots.

This provides a significant advantage over other providers that do not have visibility of traffic behaviour. Updates are made on a daily basis, with regular testing conducted against recognised industry sources.

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