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DeviceAtlas NGINX Module


The DeviceAtlas device intelligence solution is available as an NGINX Certified Module, which can be used with NGINX Plus to enable powerful use cases, yielding significant performance improvements and both top and bottom line benefits.

Use Case Example

How to improve conversion rate and reduce costs.

Use the DeviceAtlas Module in conjunction with the NGINX Image Module to reduce image sizes to match the screen size of the requesting device.

This can be implemented without updating web content, taking as little as thirty minutes of devOps time. The benefits include faster page loading and hence improved user engagement, as well as reduced bandwidth costs. In addition, it becomes possible to serve a larger number of pages from the same infrastructure.

Supported Environments

NGINX Plus R14 and R15, compiled for FreeBSD and Ubuntu.

Technical Support

Support is provided directly from R&D during GMT business hours.

Email for integration/development queries.

We offer a next business day response for commercial customers.

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An NGINX Module for DeviceAtlas is also available for open source NGINX. This can be accessed per below. Please note that the data file is limited in scope, but it permits a range of use cases as described below.

Use Case Examples

Traffic Segmentation

(desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc)

Use DeviceAtlas to segment traffic by type, to permit different handling according to its nature and priority.

Smart caching

Use DeviceAtlas to enable device-aware caching of assets, serving device-specific content from cache wherever possible to optimise performance.

Download API and Data Package

Click Here  to create a free account to download the NGINX module and limited data file


  1. First ensure that you have installed a "C" compiler,
    PCRE libraries and headers (8.21 or later), zlib and cmake (2.8 or later).
  2. Download the DeviceAtlas API and data files from the above links.
  3. Compile NGINX and the DeviceAtlas API module.
  4. Update the NGINX configuration ensuring that you set the correct path for the DeviceAtlas data file.


This free of charge offering has a restricted use license, for own usage only; no redistribution or derivative works are permitted. Contact us to upgrade or to enable usage as part of a service offering.

Upgrade to Full Property Set

The freely available version of DeviceAtlas data is limited to a subset of the property set. The full commercial license offers a much wider set of properties but will work with this version of the API.

Upgrade now for:

  1. Full data set, permitting high value use cases
  2. Bot/crawler identification
  3. Licensing for Service Provider usage
  4. Direct support from R&D