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Q1 2017 New

The new report by DeviceAtlas reveals that for the largest news websites load time is around 10.5 seconds on average. At the same time, users expect websites to load on mobile in 3 seconds. Download now

Q4 2016

Get your copy of the Q4 2016 edition to learn how the Note 7's disaster affected Samsung's share of web traffic. Also, read about device fragmentation, popular phone makers, Android vs iOS market share, the share of LTE phones, and the most used phone models. Download now

Q3 2016

Download the latest report helping you better understand what screen sizes and screen resolutions were the most used in Q3 2016. Other statistics in the report include phone makers, mobile OSes, and mobile browsers. Download now

Q2 2016

Get your copy of the latest Mobile Web Intelligence Report for Q2 2016. Based on web traffic to thousands of partner websites, the reports reveals the latest figures on the most used phone makers, screen sizes, OSes, phone models, and more. Download now

Q1 2016

Feel free to download the latest report for Q1 2016. In the most recent edition we explore the share and the nature of web traffic from bots and crawlers. We also talk about mobile OSes, phone models, screen sizes, and more. Download now

Q4 2015

Explore the latest trends in the mobile world. This edition's main theme is a comparison between Android and iOS. We also talk about top phone models, phone vendors, mobile browsers, LTE, NFC, and much more. Download now

Q3 2015

Mobile carriers, device diversity, screen sizes, phone vendors, mobile OSes, smartphone models. Download now

Q2 2015

Device types, tablet vendors, tablet OSes, smartphone venodors, mobile OS versions, screen resolutions. Download now

Q1 2015

Phone vendors, OS popularity and OS versions, mobile browser usage across different OSes, diagonal device age, LTE and NFC. Download now

Q4 2014

iPhone 6 usage stats, top smartphone brands, top mobile OSes, most used diagonal screen sizes, LTE and NFC stats. Download now

About the data

Our web traffic statistics are based on visits to thousands of partner websites powered by DeviceAtlas device detection solution. Here are some of the most important facts about the insights:

  • All graphs and tables are based on mobile website hits (unique visitors)
  • The figures in most charts and tables represent the percentage of web traffic
  • The statistics are selected by the team of data analysts working on the DeviceAtlas device detection solution.