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Latest Mobile Web Intelligence Report New

February 2019 Edition

The latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Traffic Report examines iOS v Android shifts over the last 12 months, and visualizes the smartphone upgrade cycle. Download now

The Resurgence of Feature Phones

August 2018 Edition

This report shows a resurgence in the use of feature phones, which have eaten into smartphone share in some markets. The report also revealed the popularity of dual SIM phones with rumors of support for this in new versions of iOS. Download now

Statistics for Smartphone Usage Around the Globe

May 2018 Edition

This issue of the DeviceAtlas Mobile Intelligence report explores statistics for smartphone usage around the globe. Data showed that 13% of all traffic from feature phones came from devices released in 2011. Those released in 2005 - when Nokia still dominated the mobile phone market - were responsible for a disproportionately high volume of traffic. Download now

DeviceAtlas Report Shows Tablet Usage Remains Strong

January 2018 Edition

This issue of the DeviceAtlas Mobile Intelligence report reveals that tablet usage remains strong despite a marked slowdown in sales of the devices over several quarters. The report also shows Apple devices ahead of Samsung in many markets. Chinese giant Huawei is now the third biggest vendor in terms of browsing statistics. Download now

DeviceAtlas Stats Reveal Top Movers in Chipset Market

August 2017 Edition

Covering the most recent trends in smartphone hardware, including chipsets, GPUs, RAM, SIM slots, viewport dimensions, and a lot more. Get your PDF copy now. Download now

Major Media Websites Lose Audience Due to Slow Load Times on Mobile

May 2017 Edition

This DeviceAtlas report reveals that for the largest news websites load time is around 10.5 seconds on average. Users expect websites to load on mobile in 3 seconds. Download now

About the data

Our web traffic statistics are based on a network of thousands of websites powered by DeviceAtlas device detection solution. Here are some of the most important facts about the insights:

  • All graphs and tables are based on mobile website hits (unique visitors)
  • The figures in most charts and tables represent the percentage of web traffic
  • The statistics are selected by the team of data analysts working on the DeviceAtlas device detection solution.