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Streaming Webinar

How device intelligence helps CTV platforms to gain competitive advantage

A panel discussion with industry experts on the pivotal role of accurate device categorization for Publishers, Ad Servers and SSPs.

Thursday, 11th July 2024
8AM PT | 11AM ET | 8.30PM IST | 5PM CET | 4PM GMT+1

Speaking panel

  • Chris Gordon
    Snr. Director of Business Development, Comcast Business
  • Brian Garey
    Director of Technical Operations, Magnite
  • John Leonard
    Director of Product Strategy, DeviceAtlas

Webinar Agenda

A Publisher’s Perspective with Chris Gordon
This talk will explore how accurate device classification enables publishers, like Xumo, to drive higher CPMs for their clients.

The Ad Server/SSP Perspective with Brian Garey
A discussion on the importance of reliable device intelligence in a multi-platform ecosystem, with insights into how Magnite manage user-agents and maintain effective communication between their platforms - Springserve (ad server), Magnite Streaming & DV+ (SSPs) and ClearLine (buyer tool set).

The Device Intelligence Perspective with John Leonard
An exploration into the benefits of device intelligence for streaming services and how it enhances the user experience, facilitates seamless targeting and unlocks new revenue opportunities for CTV platforms and their advertising ecosystem partners.

These talks will be followed by a Q&A giving attendees the chance to ask the experts their own questions.

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