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Why companies choose DeviceAtlas

Why DeviceAtlas

DeviceAtlas is chosen by market leading companies that demand the very best device intelligence solution to differentiate their businesses. Here’s why:

Fast, Reliable and Accurate

Fast, reliable and accurate

Only DeviceAtlas can offer you speed and accuracy in the same API. DeviceAtlas does not sacrifice accuracy for speed.

We stand over all our performance benchmarks, which at 99.9% accuracy and up to 30 million detections per second, are orders of magnitude ahead of any other provider.

Our commitment to accuracy sets us apart. This is why DeviceAtlas is the data partner of the GSMA for the mobile operator environment, and the solution of choice for the analytics and advertising industries.

DeviceAtlas powers trillions of detections daily and holds several patents on device detection technology.

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Reliability is at the core of our data

Updated daily, DeviceAtlas reliably tracks 198 properties on all meaningfully distinct and available connected devices around the world. It resolves many millions of user agents to these devices. We are the only solution that can measure device coverage on a per country basis.

Don't be fooled by bogus claims on device coverage. DeviceAtlas does not inflate device numbers by including non-meaningful device variations.

Our data policy is fully transparent and uses a strong data management algorithm to weight and validate multiple sources of data, in line with our data maturity model. All data is rigorously tested and validated by our data analysis team.

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Reliability is at the Core of Our Data
Your Traffic Data is Secure

Your traffic data is secure

Security is important to us, so we don't play fast and loose with your traffic data.

Unlike some high risk offerings on the market, we never store or harvest your traffic data, which could expose you to data privacy and security risks.

With DeviceAtlas, your traffic data is yours. Don't put your data at risk with a low grade solution that harvests your data.

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DeviceAtlas Other Suppliers
Multiple environments Indexed for web, native apps, and mobile operator environments Web only
Accurate AND Fast 30 Million detections/second, 99.9% accuracy Choose between accuracy OR speed
Secure 100% secure, trusted by Fortune 500 High security risk, stores customer traffic
Protected IP Original patent holder on device detection Data privacy and security risks
Industry Standard Preferred partner to GSMA, HA Proxy, Varnish No industry level partners
Small Footprint 15 MB Up to 1,200 MB

Patented technology

DeviceAtlas has led the way in device detection and intelligence since 2008 and holds multiple patents on device recognition and intelligence. We hold patents on multi-sourcing device data and ensuring accuracy. We helped define the Device Description Repository (DDR) concept with the W3C, co-authored several W3C documents on device detection APIs and mobile web best practices.

Major companies around the world build device-aware products and services based on our industry-leading technology. DeviceAtlas is defined by solid, dependable technology, stable APIs and consistent data formats underpinned by our IP.

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Patented Technology

Unique to DeviceAtlas

Carrier Identification

DeviceAtlas is the only provider with Carrier Identification. This allows you to identify the presence of a cellular or WiFi connection and return data on who the carrier is.

Partner of GSMA

We partner with the GSMA to provide detailed device data indexed by TAC to power marketing campaigns, infrastructure decisions and rich device analytics and reporting in the telco environment.

Bot detection

DeviceAtlas can enable significant savings in IT costs by detecting and identifying bot traffic, delivering immediate and measurable ROI on your investment.

Traffic Data

DeviceAtlas has access to a regular source of device data from a global network of websites and partnerships. We have no dependency on harvesting traffic data from our customers.

Join these leading customers who trust DeviceAtlas


"Being aware of exactly what devices customers use is crucial in today’s complex digital media environment. Our partnership with DeviceAtlas ensures that Adobe customers are always up-to-date on the latest devices in use."

Roger Woods
Director of Mobile Product & Strategy


"We've used DeviceAtlas for years because it's been a reliable service for understanding which platforms our customers like to use for our services. With it we can identify poor customer experiences and proactively build for our customers' needs."

Zachary C.
Group Product Manager


"With DeviceAtlas, we are able to verify mobile & OTT devices of incoming bid requests, which reaches 9M queries per second, which allows us to accurately target & report on a user’s device environment and help advertisers buy the right ID match."

Tim Sims
SVP of Inventory Partnerships
The Trade Desk

Outstanding Support

Outstanding support

You can rely on outstanding support from an experienced and dedicated team. Our team of developers are on hand to deliver on any support requirements.

We have extensive and proven expertise in supporting critical global internet infrastructure.

More reasons to choose DeviceAtlas

Fast and Accurate

Fast and accurate, no need to compromise.

Global Company

Part of a global company with proven expertise in security, scalability and availability. Approved for sale to Federal Government agencies.

Solid and robust architecture

Solid, robust architecture, with over 15 years uninterrupted uptime.

Available at server level

Available at server level for Apache, NGINX, IIS, Varnish, HA Proxy and Node.js.

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