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Chet Fenster of MEC explains why brands need a mobile strategy

Chet Fenster of MEC Entertainment, one of the world's top media agency networks makes some salient points on mobile web, apps and the need to adapt to the device. MEC Entertainment produces branded video content for TV, online and mobile.

People spend more time with their phone than they do in front of the television, at work or with their family. Many don’t even turn off their phone at night. In the future most people will access the Web while on the go. From an interview with at the recent adtech NY conference.


Chet Fenster, managing partner, MEC Entertainment, answers the following questions:

0:15 Why is it essential that brands have a mobile strategy?
0:50 Why is mobile Web an essential part of a long-term mobile strategy?
1:15 What should brands do first – mobile site or mobile app?
1:40 Why should Websites distinguish between different visitor devices?
2:40 How else can analytics help to tailor the Web experience for mobile visitors?