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Device Map catches media attention at MWC 2015

Pawel Piejko - 31 Mar 2015
2 min read

As you may know, DeviceAtlas had a presence at MWC 2015 where we had many inspiring conversations relating to our products and the mobile industry. Here’s DeviceAtlas’ Director of Product Strategy John Leonard outlining Device Map, the industry’s official source of TAC and device information, in an MWC 2015 interview for

Understand the devices on your network

Device Map brings together the TACs provided by the GSMA, with rich device information offered from DeviceAtlas allowing Mobile Network Operators to have deep understanding of the device capabilities on their networks. Check out the following video for more information.


Device Map has many potential applications for Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers working in the GSM ecosystem. Here are some examples:

Device-related insight for Sales and Marketing

Device Map can be used to identify specific devices you may wish to target. For example, knowing which device types drive higher ARPU could be used to craft compelling offers, formulate propositions, or special offers. Or identify older devices that could be offered an upgrade.

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

Detailed device information can help Customer Service Representatives or subscribers more effectively troubleshoot support issues according to their devices’ unique features. This can result in faster resolution times and improve customer support/self-service.

Network Optimization and Planning

Device Map supports you in making business decisions driven by mobile traffic analysis. For example, tracking device-based network usage patterns can inform decisions on network optimization or planning the roll out of network infrastructure such as LTE, or the retirement of obsolete capacity.

Device Map makes these and more use cases possible in any scenario where TAC is available.

What is TAC?

TAC, or Type Allocation Code, is the initial 8-digit part of the IMEI code used to identify wireless devices operating on the GSM standard, or other IMEI-based network. Prior to launching new devices, device manufacturers must apply for an official TAC from the GSMA which are the authorized global source of TACs.


Apply for a free Device Map sample

Device Map is available for a free trial. If you would like to apply for a data sample, head over to the data trial page and complete the form providing as much detail as possible.

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