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DeviceAtlas 3.2 released!

Hamish Graham - 15 Dec 2011
2 min read

Last week we rolled out version 3.2 of DeviceAtlas! This is a very exciting release and introduces many new web focused properties that enable developers to fully harness the power of mobile devices.

All of the new properties are available on DeviceAtlas Enterprise and DeviceAtlas Cloud. In addition, we have extended the property set of DeviceAtlas Cloud Premium to include all of the multimedia properties bringing the property set up to par with DeviceAtlas Enterprise!

The major focus for these new properties is HTML5. We can't wait to see how they will be used as they allow advanced web apps to be fully optimized and so provide a faster and richer experience for the end user. Using these properties on the server side means fewer requests for the client and less content to be sent; it's a win-win all round!

We also introduced a number of more standard JavaScript properties that complement the HTML5 set very nicely. A lot of devices especially non-smart phones have inconsistent support for JavaScript. These properties take the guess work out and allow appropriate content to be sent to all users.

The other new property of note is Display PPI. This returns the pixel density for a device's screen and can be used with the resolution properties to produce images that look sharp on any screen. Many new devices are being introduced with very high res “retina” displays so it is becoming increasingly important to take the pixel density into account when resizing images to suit a device.

This release also brings a couple more additions, like a new mobile site built using the award winning goMobi platform and full access to the Data Explorer for all registered users.

All of the new properties can be found listed on the property pages in our Resource Center.

We hope you like the release as much as we do! If you have any questions or comments please send them to