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DeviceAtlas 4.0 released today: Dynamic Data provides real-time information on a device's context

mclancy - 30 May 2013
1 min read

Today we announce release 4.0 of DeviceAtlas. DeviceAtlas 4.0 represents a significant evolution of the product for dotMobi and our customers. We are very excited to bring Dynamic Data to DeviceAtlas for the first time. Dynamic Data provides additional data on the real-time state of a device to complement and augment data available from server-side detection. This represents an evolution for DeviceAtlas from a purely server-side approach to one that includes information directly from the device at any given time.

There are two new methods of reporting this information within DeviceAtlas. The new Client-Side Detection component and the Connectivity Analysis feature. Client-side detection adds a layer of dynamic device data to DeviceAtlas implementations by providing additional information on the context of the device. There are many potential applications from detection of a device’s screen orientation, determining whether cookies or JavaScript are enabled, or if the browser supports HTTPS. This component also allows you to detect the underlying hardware on the iOS platform. This information will supplement and enhance the existing information available from the server-side lookup. Client-Side Detection will be made available to all existing and new customers at no additional cost. More information on how the client-side component works is available here.

Connectivity Analysis enables DeviceAtlas Enterprise and OEM customers to seamlessly measure the quality of a visitor’s connection in real time. This is an invaluable data point to maximize user experience for customers whose network performance is poor, irrespective of device.

In addition to the above, DeviceAtlas 4.0 also includes additional properties for camera, diagonal screen size as well as the provision of an enumerated field for hardware type. As always, we appreciate any feedback you have, so please get in touch if you have any comments or questions.