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DeviceAtlas device data embedded in Webtrends analytics solutions

Pawel Piejko - 10 Nov 2015
2 min read

Device intelligence from DeviceAtlas is now available to Webtrends customers

Device detection provider DeviceAtlas (owned by Afilias) and Webtrends, a leader in digital intelligence, announced an agreement to embed device intelligence from DeviceAtlas into Webtrends analytics solutions. That means Webtrends analytics can now include detailed data from DeviceAtlas on which smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices — like game consoles and media players — are being used to interact with a customer’s online presence. Webtrends customers get a detailed picture of all devices accessing web content.

Using DeviceAtlas device detection Webtrends now have the ability to use any of the 160+ device properties to provide information on the characteristics of user devices. Check out the list of supported properties here.

Real-time information on thousands of web-enabled devices

DeviceAtlas is a repository of mobile devices and a device detection API used for content adaptation, redirection, targeting ads, and website analytics. The solution provides information on thousands of web-enabled devices with a high-speed API capable of making millions of detections per second. It is used by a variety of large brands and Fortune 100 companies, including Adobe, Sprint, IBM, Huawei, and Ad Tech.

Webtrends analytics solutions have set the standard for innovation and performance, and the company counts some of the biggest global brands as customers, including Associated Press, Barclays, BMW, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and The New York Times. Its industry-leading analytics and optimization solutions delivered across mobile, social and web enables marketers to optimize campaigns, maximize customer lifetime value and deliver highly relevant digital brand experiences in real-time.

Improve the depth and breadth of insight

Here is what key people in Webtrends and DeviceAtlas said about the new partnership:

“As the leader in multi-channel analytics, we are constantly looking to improve the depth and breadth of insight across all digital channels,” said Bruce Kenny, EVP of Technology and Hosted Operations, Webtrends. “The mobile and social channels are no longer peripheral — they are core to any digital marketing effort.”

Eileen O’Sullivan, Afilias COO and CFO, said, “Understanding the ways your customer base engages with your content is the cornerstone of a successful online strategy. DeviceAtlas gives content providers intelligence on what devices their customers are using; with that information, they can provide content designed to work at its best on those devices. We look forward to working with Webtrends to ensure their clients have deep, useful analytics on all types of devices.”

Get started with a local device detection trial

DeviceAtlas is a high-speed device detection solution used by some of the largest companies in the online space to:

  • Optimize UX and conversion rate on mobile
  • Boost web performance
  • Target ads and analyze web traffic
  • Enable App analytics and advertising insights

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