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DeviceAtlas powers device detection on the Adfonic mobile ad network

Video: Device Atlas powers device detection on the Adfonic mobile ad network. Wes Biggs, Adfonic, and Eileen O'Sullivan, dotMobi

The interview explores mobile advertising market, mobile ad networks and the importance of device detection.

Adfonic uses dotMobi’s Device Atlas to detect what device each and every customer is using on its mobile ad network. This enables Adfonic to target relevant ads to thousands of different handsets each second.

In this interview, Wes Biggs, co-founder and CTO, Adfonic and Eileen O'Sullivan, CFO and COO, dotMobi answer the following questions:

0.55 What’s happening in mobile advertising in Europe?
1.31 What exactly is a mobile advertising network?
2.19 Why is device detection so important to Adfonic?
3.24 So how fast is Device Atlas?
3.58 Why must device-types be detected at split-second speed?
4.20 Why is speedy device detection so important to Adfonic?
5.17 How does knowing a visitor’s handset help advertisers target key consumer groups?
6.20 How do you see mobile advertising evolving over the next few years?