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How Telaria uses DeviceAtlas to cluster visiting devices into 'device families'

With today's device fragmentation (different screen resolutions, device manufacturers, Android versions) on the rise, it is now essential for businesses to have an excellent understanding of device diversity to boost conversion rates on mobile. This couldn't be truer of the ad technology landscape where speed and performance of ads are key drivers. With more than a half of digital ad budgets now spent on mobile, getting targeting and campaign reporting right is essential for companies. Ad Tech companies can’t make assumptions on what devices their customers may use to access their online content.

Telaria, a leading video marketplace for brand-effective advertising, helps premium publishers maximize their monetization across screens as well as serve trading desks, agencies, and brand marketers who want to take the guesswork out of buying effective, programmatic cross-screen brand advertising. Before DeviceAtlas, Telaria was using an open source solution to take the user agent from devices, which forced them to manually maintain a database and investigate non-standard User-Agent strings themselves.

By integrating DeviceAtlas into their platforms, Telaria has increased targeting options and ad traffic transparency which helps them address marketer and content owner challenges of audience and device fragmentation. Click below to find out more about how Telaria is leveraging DeviceAtlas.

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