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Here’s the new Mobile Traffic Report for Q2 2015: The Tablet Edition

Our latest Mobile Web Traffic report based on traffic to thousands of DeviceAtlas-powered sites during Q2 2015 is now available. The latest edition focuses on Tablet traffic in addition to smartphones. In this publication we investigate the relation between the slowdown of Tablet sales and Tablet web browsing figures.

Q2 2015 main theme: Tablet traffic

Many industry reports indicate that Tablet sales aren’t growing as fast as they did just a few years ago. It seems that there aren’t many new Tablet buyers, while those who bought Tablets already, are rather reluctant to update their devices. We believe that this trend may be caused by the fact that Tablet lifespan is just longer than for other mobile device categories, especially smartphones.

Therefore, we decided to take a closer look at the Tablet traffic to learn if it actually declined over the last quarter. Some of the topics discussed in the report include:

  • The percentage of Tablet-generated traffic in various countries
  • Top Tablet vendors and Operating Systems
  • Most popular Tablet browsers

The second part of the report focuses on mobile phone traffic, providing you with the latest data on top smartphone vendors, Operating Systems, screen resolutions and many more. Here are a few sample charts that you can find in the latest DeviceAtlas Mobile Web Traffic report.

The amount of tablet traffic in different countries



The most popular tablet vendors



The most popular tablet browsers



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