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Why HTML5 changes everything

admin - 28 Sep 2011
1 min read

Our mobile marketing site, mobiThinking recently caught up with Dimitrios Kontarinis, VP of innovation, Velti at ad:tech London. We think Dimitrios makes some extremely valid points on HTML 5.0 

HTML5 refocuses the debate from mobile apps to mobile Web, reducing the cost of development while delivering an app-like experience that works on all advanced handsets, explains Kontarinis. He explores the pros and cons of HTML5, the importance of device detection, while highlighting some best-practice sites and giving us a peak into the future.


In this interview Dimitrios Kontarinis, vice president of innovation, at Velti answers the following questions:

0:08 What impact will HTML5 have on mobile?
1:05 Is HTML5 the ‘golden bullet’ for delivering a web-like experience?
2:05 What about people with older handsets that don’t support HTML5?
3:02 Does HTML5 make detecting the visitor’s access device more or less important?
3:38 What HTML5 sites are out there today? Do they illustrate what HTML5 can really do?
4.29 What will a mobile site look like in 5 years time?