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8 Myths About Mobile Optimization - download new whitepaper

Optimizing websites for mobile devices is no longer an extra but a necessity for all businesses. The question you should ask yourself is not ‘do I need a mobile-friendly site?’ but rather ‘how do I make my site mobile-friendly?’ Given that the web is full of mobile strategy guides, we decided to expose some of the most common myths about mobile optimization.

We all need mobile optimization

The web has an optimization problem that often makes browsing websites on mobile devices a very disappointing experience due to the fact that many sites fail to render properly on the phone or are simply too slow and heavy on bandwidth. That is why mobile optimization has become a mainstream topic, something that many website owners are aware of and would like to address in the near future.

RWD is not a remedy to all web design ills

A lot of myths around mobile optimization relate to those techniques that don’t seem to be cutting-edge or have bad a reputation for various reasons. This especially refers to the likes of mobile device detection, separate mobile sites and Adaptive Web Design.

Newer technologies, such as RWD, get a lot of endorsement even though their application often makes websites work extremely slowly on mobile devices. Many digital experts think RWD is a remedy to all mobile-related ills, such as mobile SEO, UX on mobile devices, maximizing sales and conversions on mobile, etc. But the reality is much more complex.

There’s a lot of tools in every designer’s toolbox that can be used for mobile optimization so there’s absolutely no reason to limit yourself to only a few of them.

8 myths about mobile optimization

Our new paper sheds some light on those aspects of mobile optimization that may not be obvious to many people working in the online space. Read on as we reveal the truth about making websites truly mobile-friendly.  


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