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Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

Martin Clancy - 02 May 2013
1 min read

We attended the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit last week in London. The show was Adobe's biggest yet with more than 2500 attendees over two days. I personally attended several of the keynotes and breakout sessions, (including the session with space jump star, Felix Baumgartner who helpfully corrected Adobe VP John Mellor, on just how far up he was - 3.9KM not 39KM!). Mobile was a central theme in every single session I attended.

Some key takeaways from a mobile perspective:

  • Adobe SVP/GM Brad Rencher's message was clear - he stated that you need to know accessing device to deliver the best experience to the user in his keynote.
  • He referenced analytics as “the nervous system of your marketing organization”. Mobile intelligence is obviously a major plank in that.
  • BBC referenced “profound and continuing shift to mobile”, seeing growth in mobile traffic of 186% year on year. Increases are sustained said BBC's Phil Fearnley.
  • SAP say they’ve seen 273% growth in mobile traffic to their site and highlighted how B2B is just as much about selling to people as B2C - clearly mobile matters for B2B marketers. A lot.
  • Adobe Labs gave a sneak peak on some of the things coming down the line. They demoed functionality to automate the generation of a range of adaptive experiences based on the desktop site design without the need for additional coding. Still in early development and not clear at this point if there is a device detection element included to support intelligent delivery of responsive experiences.
  • In general, the need for great user experience across all channels, especially mobile, was hammered home again and again.