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Latest articles by Martin Clancy

Mobile Statistics

Browsers that respect your privacy

Browser privacy, and privacy in general is a hot topic of late. We took a look at the big hitters a...

Martin Clancy - 15 Oct 2018
8 min read
Device Landscape

The truth about ‘peak smartphone’

With many recent reports suggesting that we have reached ‘peak smartphone’, we thought it would be u...

Martin Clancy - 12 Oct 2018
5 min read
Device Landscape

The Physical Web is dead, long live the physical web

Launched in 2014, Google's Physical Web project promised much, but seems to have died a quiet death ...

Martin Clancy - 10 Oct 2018
6 min read
User-Agent Parsing

User-Agent parsing: how it works and how it can be used

This article answers many questions around User-Agent parsing - how it works, and what it can offer....

Martin Clancy - 17 May 2018
11 min read
Device Detection

No ‘below the fold’ in OTT advertising - if you know the device

With more than 70% of American households now watching internet-delivered content on their TV, OTT a...

Martin Clancy - 24 Apr 2018
3 min read

DeviceAtlas latest report shows tablet usage remains strong

DeviceAtlas has released its latest report containing statistics on real live usage of the top mobil...

Martin Clancy - 23 Jan 2018
2 min read

Huawei device usage challenges Apple, Samsung

Dublin, January 19, 2018 - DeviceAtlas has released its latest report containing statistics for devi...

Martin Clancy - 19 Jan 2018
3 min read
Device Landscape

DeviceAtlas in 2017: the year in review

2017 has been a busy year for DeviceAtlas - new product, new patents, new website, and an award at M...

Martin Clancy - 18 Dec 2017
4 min read
Device Detection

The role of device detection in Video Advertising

For video advertising technology players, getting it right on mobile requires an accurate knowledge ...

Martin Clancy - 25 Oct 2017
5 min read

Adding Device Intelligence to your Platform - Whitepaper

If you work on a product or technical team for any technology platform, you'll know that the constan...

Martin Clancy - 04 Oct 2017
3 min read

DeviceAtlas statistics reveal top movers in chipset market

The latest research from DeviceAtlas reveals who is leading in the chipset industry. As the massive ...

Martin Clancy - 01 Sep 2017
3 min read
News & Events

Meet DeviceAtlas team at DMEXCO 2017

DeviceAtlas will be exhibiting at DMEXCO in Cologne once again this year. We're looking forward to t...

Martin Clancy - 11 Aug 2017
1 min read