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DeviceAtlas latest report shows tablet usage remains strong

DeviceAtlas has released its latest report containing statistics on real live usage of the top mobile and tablet models from around the world. The report reveals that tablet usage remains strong, despite a slowdown in sales of the devices over several quarters. Figures showed that higher proportion of tablet-based traffic occurs in many developed markets with Brazil, Canada, France, the UK and Germany topping the list.

Tablet Versus Smartphone Usage

According to IDC’s sales figures, tablet sales have been declining for 11 quarters in a row. By Q2 2017, there were 37.9 million tablets shipped, while, for comparison, there were 341.6 million smartphones shipped during the same period. This declining trend could be related to market saturation and the longer lifespan typical of tablet devices, especially high-end models. An even larger difference between phones and tablets is visible in terms of usage statistics collected by DeviceAtlas. Tablet usage oscillates between 2% and 16.9% of all mobile device usage (tablet and smartphone) depending on the country. Interestingly, the most “tabletized” countries are mainly developed markets, with just one exception of Brazil. For the USA, tablet traffic reached 8.5%. India was the country where tablets are the least popular with only 2% share of the overall web traffic in the analyzed period.

Most “tabletized” countries

Tablets were most used in France, with the devices representing 16.9% of all mobile traffic.

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The latest mobile web traffic report from DeviceAtlas covers this story, the most used devices, screen sizes and resolutions as well as looking at the leading device manufacturers. We also investigate support for LTE and NFC. Scroll down for the download button in the box below.

About the data

DeviceAtlas data statistics are based on anonymous device traffic to tens of thousands of sites around the world using Afilias’ hosted website creation technology for which DeviceAtlas detects and adapts web content for mobile devices. Charts are based on web traffic originating from each of territories cited.

DeviceAtlas' patented User-Agent string parsing method is used by some of the world's largest companies for web optimization, ad targeting, and web analytics purposes. User-Agent lookups are based on a massive device description repository that includes over 45,000 unique entries and many millions of UA strings.

DeviceAtlas allows you to detect various aspects of smartphone hardware and software tracking over 165 different device characteristics ranging from physical properties to hardware and software specifications. There are many potential use cases where these properties can be valuable. Examples range from web optimization based on device category to deep analytics on devices that are active on the web or consuming apps. DeviceAtlas identifies a device in real time and can return any known device characteristic for the purpose of handling that device. 

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