Fine Tuning Mobile: A study of how large Webcos do it

Last week, dotMobi CTO Ronan Cremin published a very interesting study on Mobiforge looking at how some of the biggest companies on the web fine tune their mobile experience across different devices. He modeled a range of different devices with differing device capabilities and then calculated a ratio of the heaviest web experience  companies served, compared to the the lightest experience they served.

The results shine a seriously interesting light on something that differentiates the big players from the rest of the pack: they take performance, speed and optimization of their web content very seriously. The top 3 sites on the web - Google, Facebook and YouTube, all serve a wide range of experiences (and page weights) to their customers, depending on the device they are using.

Site Dynamic Range Measurement 40.3 view with Prism 4.8 view with Prism 21.3 view with Prism


The 'dynamic range' -- a measure of how big of a difference there is between the experiences they are serving -- are all very high showing that they are serving radically different versions of their content depending on what the requesting device is . Companies who serve the same experience to all devices have a dynamic range of just 1. The full study results, methodology and data are all published here.