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Mobile Internet resurgent at MWC12

Martin Clancy - 01 Mar 2012
1 min read

As Barcelona airport fills with the last remaining tired executives, the sun sets on another MWC. So, what's the temperature reading for this year?  A busy show for the DeviceAtlas team, and we announced 2 new Enterprise customers in the shape of Usablenet and Acumium who are very welcome to the platform.

It seems the pendulum has begun to swing away from the native app fixations of the past couple of years and mobile internet seemed top of mind with initiatives from various players. However, from what our collegues in ad world tell us there is still a lack of mobile specific sites and content to place inventory and direct traffic too .

The Android juggernaut continues to gather pace with a raft of new devices from Huawei, ZTE, HTC and Samsung in various form factors from tablet to large 1280x720 resolution smartphones to 'feature phones' that run Android. Eric Schmidt predicted world domination in his keynote. Symbian made a reappearance with the release of the (deep breath) 41 megapixel 808 Pureview from Nokia. In the OS space, Tizen (that's the latest incarnation of Intel's MeeGo) had its launch party with Huawei the latest to weigh in with its support.  And Windows 8  was launched in beta. And then there was Facebook's drive to bring standardization to the browser so that developers can move full steam ahead with mobile web using HTML5. Worth noting that Google and Apple stayed outside the tent, but anything that leads towards greater uniformity of implemented features across the browser has got to be good news for developers.